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Cordova, TN; July 24, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is connecting a major problem with the Lego video games. The lack of choice in getting past obstacles. Too many times the things we are denied make no sense at all. Take a large character like Hulk or Solomon Grundy for example. They can smash through massive, tough walls. Yet there are weaker walls they can not break. Why not? Some other character is slotted to break that wall. Like Plastic Man for example in Lego Batman 3. Large characters like Solomon Grundy or the super powered Cyborg should be able to break those walls just fine. Why is TT Games and WB Games torturing families?

The biggest problem we hear concerning Lego video games from families is the disgust they have trying to find the right character, and then the right suit for that character to get past certain obstacles. At times it makes sense. Having an electrical suit to get by an electrical area makes sense. Why not let an electrical based character go by it as well. Then there are things like a glass that can only be broken by a character with a Sonic weapon. Why can’t Mirror Master get by? Why can’t an intangible character like the Martian Manhunter slip past? There is a real failure here to stay true to the source material. Superman should be able to fly right through the glass, and right over the electrical floor. Spider-man could swing right over those areas. Yet the Lego games are so limited in the choice department that we are constantly forced to swap, and we are constantly forced to find the right character/suit combination to get past.

After so many Lego video games that are nearly the same, I have gotten sick and tired of the same game play mechanic. How many times can we play the same thing before we want something better? Why can’t the levels be more Lego based? Why can’t we build anything to get past obstacles? I would love to build a Batmobile, and ram into the area with the boss. Maybe even use the vehicle to fight the boss. The Flash should be able to vibrate fast enough to pass right through the walls. Wolverine should be able to slice and dice his way through block walls to reach the next area. It is insulting to our intelligence that such limitations are put on these characters. We all know Superman could fly right through these barriers. Why is Superman damaged by fire in the Lego video games? I believe it is time for Lego video games to be better.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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