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Five Reasons FFG Is Into Madden NFL 16



Cordova, TN; September 4, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving five reasons why we are into Madden NFL 16. Many of us here at Family Friendly Gaming are football fans. The overwhelming majority of us are into the Seattle Seahawks. Yes it was heartbreaking to see a defensive player for the New England Patriots commit pass interference at the end of the Super Bowl XLIX game and get an interception. Why the referees could not find their flags to call the plethora of infractions made by the New England Patriots in the fourth quarter is definitely baffling. In my mind the Seattle Seahawks currently have a dynasty. That is enough personal bias on the NFL. Don’t get me started on the years of cheating by the Patriots and what I think their punishment should be. Hint, it would be similar to how it is done in college sports.

1. The Seattle Seahawks are still top dogs in the NFL in Madden NFL 16. It is always awesome to have your personal favorite team be the best in any video game. So as a Seattle Seahawks fan it is great to see them at the top of the league in this home console sports video game. If it was your team at the top of the pile I am sure you would be digging Madden NFL 16 as well. Don’t try to deny it.

2. The new presentation and camera angles in Madden NFL 16 are awesome. I love seeing those boxes telling me how many yards the running back has gotten in the game, or how long a run/pass was. Some of the new comments in Madden NFL 16 are also awesome. I love hearing how horrible I am for running up the score against the computer. Is it my fault I can dominate them so easily? Okay to be fair that is on the Rookie difficulty setting.

3. Offline modes are so much fun to play in Madden NFL 16. This includes playing friends and family locally in Madden NFL 16. As some lame games have discriminated against offline gamers, EA Sports has continued to provide modes for families offline. The same can be said for Madden NFL 16 appearing in the physical format. Physical copy gamers are celebrating EA Sports for that decision with Madden NFL 16.

4. Ninety-nine level characters are very overpowered in Madden NFL 16. I am not complaining as I run with Marshawn Lynch or throw to Jimmy Graham. It is nice to go Beast Mode on other teams and break five tackles on my way to a touchdown. The more I play Madden NFL 16 the more I enjoy taking strong characters and doing amazing things with them. The new passing and catching aspects in Madden NFL 16 are fun to learn as well.

5. A year or more of replay value can be found in Madden NFL 16. We were playing Madden NFL 15 all the way up to a reviewable copy of Madden NFL 16 arriving here at Family Friendly Gaming. These Madden NFL video games do not get old. In fact we still go back and play some of the older ones from time to time. Whether it is for a video capture or just because we enjoy them so much. Either way Madden NFL 16 will last a year.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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