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Cordova, TN; September 11, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is officially announcing we have arrived at the destination we planned on a few years back. Family Friendly Gaming has become counter cultural again. When Family Friendly Gaming started out the video game industry was macabre, morbid, and hate filled towards families. After a couple of years of work all of a sudden Family Friendly Gaming became mainstream, normal, and accepted. It was if the industry realized we are not going away. The death threats, hate speech, intolerance of diversity, and persecution of Christians did not scare us away. All of the servants of Satan failed, and went away. Was it just a ploy to draw us in, and get us to conform to their standards? Were they trying to lull us to sleep and remove our effectiveness?

After a good four to five years of being part of the gaming journalist herd we became increasingly unhappy here at Family Friendly Gaming. Things of eternal value were still being ignored by too many greedy, self-absorbed, and corrupt video game companies and their PR firms. So a few years back we started making bold stands, and pointing them back toward God. We completely expected to be treated like third class citizens because of it. We would rather stand up for God, then receive reviewable copies and lose our souls. We would rather reject the idolatry of political correctness, and stand for truth. We would rather point out the loss of consumer rights in downloadable only games than to get weekly press releases from certain companies. We would rather keep it family friendly, than join the chorus of foul mouthed haters. We would rather choose the path of honor, integrity, and love, instead of the path of vile and wicked corruption.

See we planned this by design. As the video game industry went into corruption, bankruptcy of all kinds, persecution of Christians, downloads only, loss of consumer rights, Satanic teachings, venom, bile, and evil; we chose the path of light. It was not clear to us at first that the video game industry was going down a dark path toward its own doom. Once we realized it, we took public stances against them. We took public stances against the corrupt PR firms, and corrupt video game companies. We stood up for the rights of consumers. We stood up for the rights of the gaming journalists. We stood tall for what is right and fair. I know plenty of people have given up on things getting better in the video game industry. I know plenty of people have given up control of their gaming media outlets to these companies. Even if we are the final fortress of freedom, we will stand up against their evil as long as God allows us to. You can fight the good fight one day at a time. You can stand up against the rot in the video game industry.

Now we realize that Family Friendly Gaming is counter cultural to the mainstream of the video game industry. Guess what? This is where we grow the most. This is where we thrive the most. This is where we make the most impact. All of the corrupt people who failed in tainting Family Friendly Gaming think they got revenge by denying us press releases, interviews, and reviewable copies. The joke is on them because we are doing better than ever before. We are stronger and more determined. They put us right where we planned on going. It brings a smile to my face every single time we complete a successful campaign. We are right where God wants us to be. We are right where we belong. We are right where we need to be. All of the vile and wicked people in video games have the light of truth shining of them. They have been exposed for what they truly are. Their attempts to harm us, and be evil to us, has been turned to good by God - yet again. I wonder if they will ever learn? We have tried to teach them, but their hearts have been hardened.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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