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Cordova, TN; October 26, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is laughing at an interesting trend within the video game industry. Companies that make digital downloads expect physical attendance at events. Let the irony of that sink in for a minute. Here are people that are not publishing, developing, or producing physical copies of video games; yet they expect physical attendance at each and every single event they attend. Trust me there are lot of them. A lot of fossil fuels have to be expended to get all of those people to all of those events. If they are making digital downloads to improve the environment, they should only have digital events like a Twitch live stream.

I personally have no problem with physical copies of video games. In fact I support physical copies of video games. I have written multiple stories about why physical copies are better than digital downloads. I also see little to no point in the trade shows anymore. Here again is a topic I written extensively about over the years. My biggest beef with the trade shows is all of the broken promises. I ran the numbers and realized it was better to save the money spent on physical attendance of video game expos, and transfer it to all of the games that do not come in. I went from there to realize there are plenty of much cheaper, and older video games that Family Friendly Gaming could cover. That is what allowed us to spend more time playing, reviewing, and video capturing games we want to play, review, and video capture.

Why would any company try to entice the media to attend any event? First off the companies are paying the company that hosts the event. So they do not want their money wasted. Would you? Would you want to spend all this money to attend an event, and get no media hype or buzz about your products? The companies can then get the gaming media excited about the product by giving us a little taste of the game. What does that translate into? Coverage of their game, which reaches millions of families and gamers. This is why at E3 every single company promises every single gaming media outlet the moon. If we are lucky we are provided a blade of grass later. The company reps want the gaming media, and gamers excited about their upcoming products so they will make sales. They throw honesty and ethics out the window.

I personally find it hilarious that companies running around bragging about being environmentally safe by having downloadable only video games, expect physical attendance at these events. Much more damage is done to the environment from event attendance than physical copies of video games. Since this thought tickled my brain so much, I wanted to share with the millions upon millions within Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Got thoughts on this news article? Then please email them to me.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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