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iGUGU Ships InterneTV


SAN DIEGO Feb. 22, in the year of our Lord 2011 iGUGU®, a global manufacturer of innovative entertainment technology products for consumers and business, today announced it has begun shipping the long-anticipated InterneTV system, an easy-to-use, affordable solution that enables consumers to cut the cord from paid television programming and stream the majority of all PC- and Internet-based content to the television.

iGUGU InterneTV, which includes both wired and wireless versions, is the industrys most feature-rich video content streaming solution enabling consumers to use an existing PC as the set-top box turning the television into an Internet TV that can stream virtually any computer- or Internet-based video content.

The content available through YouTube, Hulu and Netflix represents less than four percent of the video content available on the Internet, explained Isaac Calderon, president of iGUGU. InterneTV enables users to easily find and watch the other 96 percent of the content that is available through the Internet.

Available through the iGUGU website (www.igugu.com) at MSRPs of $129 (basic) and $249 (wireless), InterneTV provides intuitive, easy access to Internet videos with a compact, feature-rich handheld RF remote control that incorporates the functions of a full QWERTY keyboard and mouse and even integrates an LCD display for ease of data entry.

At the core of InterneTV is a powerful software application that aggregates both subscription-based and free content from hundreds of websites, making it easy and intuitive to search, access and view video content.

A content streaming solution is only as good as the type and amount of content that it can actually stream, explained Calderon. Since InterneTV is PC-based, our solution can stream ANY content that can be viewed on the computer. With the vast array of content available on the Internet, including full episodes of current programs from all of the major broadcast and cable networks, our solution gives consumers the ability to enjoy current TV programs without having to pay hefty cable subscription fees.

The iGUGU InterneTV systems are available now at $129 USD for the basic version and $249 for the wireless version via iGUGUs website and are backed by a 12-month warranty and 24/7 technical support. For more information, visit www.igugu.com or follow iGUGU USA on Facebook and Twitter.


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