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Yslandia celebrates 100k gamers - Goes FREEMIUM

Developed by Moving Player and published by Bulkypix, the highly addictive Yslandia appeared on the Store and your iPhones only 6 months ago. Developed by Moving Player and published by Bulkypix, Yslandia is still the first true MMORPG on iOS, with tons of features and an active, involved community!

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we celebrate our 100,000 users by offering Yslandia Free To Play!

Yslandia a world apart:
* Yslandia above all cherishes its players, and we are proud to announce that Yslandia today represents more than 100,000 players from around the world, hundreds of whom form the core of the American and European communities!
* Yslandia is also an ever changing world ... In the beginning there were 3 islands, Saznec Island of Alliance of Simeh'a, Baalgh Island of Zaa'me Coalition and Glida, the first disputed island by the two forces at war!
* Recently, Wayra was discovered. The island offers an even more exciting adventure! On this gigantic and mysterious island, with all its wildlife and picturesque villages, you will discover a new civilization and have a new insight into the history of the peoples of Yslandia!
* Yslandia is also a great adventure in constant evolution. With nearly 300 quests, including 150 specific to each 18 classes within the game, players can help the people of Yslandia alone or in groups. Players can explore these wonderful islands in order to restore the balance of elements or to bring about its total destruction!

Yslandia in Free To Play:
From April 11th, 2011, Yslandia will be available to all free of charge. The game will offer its new players a journey through a vast world, and an exciting adventure that you will enjoy discovering hours on end!
Furthermore, Moving Player now offers you hundreds of free Rubys to acquire different objects, features and extensions of play!

Take part in this great adventure, join your friends and discover or rediscover this whole new world!


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