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XSEED Games Talks Customization and Robo Progression in Solatorobo Red the Hunter


In anticipation of this month’s release of the Nintendo DS action RPG, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, XSEED Games is delivering players further details regarding the game’s highly customizable mechanized Robos. In the game, players are given the option to choose what abilities they would like to focus on – be it attack, defense, mobility, etc. – through an intricate yet straightforward customization interface.

In Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, players take on the role of Red Savarin, a young, hot-headed adventurer who is inadvertently thrown into a quest to save the world from an ancient menace. Red’s tale unfolds in the Shepherd Republic, a world populated by two races of dog- and cat-like people, who have come to use mechanized robots, or Robos, to help them accomplish everyday tasks. Many characters in the game have Robo companions, and Red’s trusty mechanical steed is known as Dahak.

As Red and Dahak forge their way through the game’s world, they will come across rare and valuable items called P Crystals in a variety of locales. P Crystals are extremely important to players because it is with these crystals that slots in Dahak’s customization interface are opened up, allowing players to install upgrades into Red’s mech. It is by this means that players can alter the attack, defense, hydraulic (lifting power), mobility and revive characteristics in their mech. Once players have purchased upgrades in the open world, they can be installed into Dahak’s unlocked customization slots, allowing players to tailor their Robo to a preferred playing style.

The system adds an interesting twist, however, by taking on the format of a puzzle mini-game. As slots are unlocked with P Crystals, the number of total open customization slots increases, allowing for more upgrades. But not all upgrades are physically the same. While a low-level attack or defense upgrade may only take up one slot, higher-level upgrades may require several slots, and may be L-shaped or rectangular, forcing players to figure out which upgrades fit together within their allotment of unlocked slots. Furthermore, not all upgrade slots cost the same amount to unlock – some early-level slots cost only five P Crystals, while high-level slots can cost up to 20 P Crystals.

No matter the play style, Solatorobo’s deep customization system allows players to build their Robo up as they see fit. Just don’t forget that doing so requires a good amount of forward thinking and strategic ingenuity. Decisions, decisions…

Currently in final production, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be released on September 27th in North America by XSEED Games for Nintendo DS.


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