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XSEED Games Details Combat in Upcoming Action RPG Solatorobo Red the Hunter


XSEED Games is pleased to bring players in-depth details regarding the highly-customizable combat system in the upcoming Nintendo DS action RPG title, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. Developed by deeply regarded Japanese game studio CyberConnect2, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is the spiritual successor to the classic PlayStation RPG adventure, Tail Concerto, and takes place high in the clouds of the Shepherd Republic, a place inhabited by two races of dog- and cat-like people.

Red the Hunter follows the tale of adventurer for hire, Red Savarin and his trusty companion, Chocolat. The races of their world have evolved to use robot mechs, or Robos, in their everyday lives, and Red’s trusty mechanical steed goes by the name of Dahak. Red uses Dahak to traverse the world and leverages his mechanical abilities to engage in combat – when not atop his mech, Red is vulnerable and can only temporarily freeze enemies with a stun gun.

When players jump into Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, the combat system is very straightforward but flexible, granting the player a variety of tactics. Dahak is extremely strong, allowing Red to attack his enemies by picking them up and literally hurling them onto the ground, into walls, or into each other. Red can chain together combos for more damage by snatching up enemies on the rebound as they bounce off the ground, and launching them back to the earth with a charge attack that causes even more damage. As the game goes on, Red and Dahak can learn even more grappling combat moves.

At the core of this combat system are Dahak’s underlying abilities, such as hydraulics (lifting power) and mobility, which players have the ability to customize throughout the game by finding items in the world and purchasing new upgrades. If Dahak’s hydraulics have been upgraded, it makes picking up large enemies and hurling them much easier. If his mobility has been upgraded, it will be much easier for Dahak to get behind enemies where they are most vulnerable. It’s up to players to customize their Robo depending on the preferred method of combat.

In addition to the ability to throw enemies into objects, Dahak can also grab projectiles out of the air and return them to the enemy with lethal force. When under attack by missile fire, players will be prompted to grab the missiles, at which point Dahak will throw them back to their point of origin. There is also a scripted sequence where Red can take control of a deck-mounted machine gun turret, knocking enemy fighters out of the sky and adding to the diversity of the game’s combat.

Solatorobo’s accessible yet customizable combat system is as equally engaging as its gripping narrative, and throughout the game players will encounter a variety of enemies which require them to change tactics and try new fighting styles.

Currently in final production, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be released this fall in North America by XSEED Games for Nintendo DS. XSEED Games will release more product information in the coming weeks.


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