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Chicago, April 28, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- NEMOPOLIS has gained in less than seven years a leading position in the much coveted segment of historical adventure video games. The company produces games with the most prestigious partners in France such as Château de Versailles, and Les Invalides. It has released the first episode of its new series Marie-Antoinette and the American War of Independence, called The Brotherhood of the Wolf, on Nintendo DS. The game, set in the 18th century during the American War of Independence, features many puzzles in this game set in historical Yorktown, Penn., Philadelphia and Versailles, France. NEMOPOLIS will be exhibiting this and other titles at E3 2011 in Los Angeles, Calif., from June 7 to 9 on the French Pavilion, france@E32011, at booth 613 in the South Hall.

The game’s 10 hours of gripping gameplay will send the player on an enthralling investigation. Through a series of varied and fun-packed minigames, the player will dive into international diplomacy, major battles and deadly plots featuring prominent French and American figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Rochambeau, LaFayette and Vergennes. The game is available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. This game is currently sold through Amazon.com.

To view the official trailer, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH5IMzHhAxM.

At E3 2011, NEMOPOLIS will be showing its original and upmarket catalogue of video games available on PC, Mac - online and physical - and Nintendo DS, and soon Nintendo 3DS, targeting players who want to discover history and famous monuments of Europe and the United States while being immersed in an intriguing and entertaining story. The latest downloadable collection, Travels in Time, is bustling and addictive. It has met a great success with more than 50,000 families in France, Russia and Switzerland.

NEMOPOLIS is currently looking for new business opportunities to distribute its titles in foreign markets. It is also seeking for new products to distribute in the 1,400 stores it covers, including stores that are not traditional video game retailers, in its home market, especially Nintendo DS and Wii games.


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