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Traverse Available On The App Store


Traverse from independent developer “Pick Up And Play” is an innovative unique puzzle game the likes of which has never been seen before! Targeted at the Apple iPhone™ and the Apple iPod touch®, this highly addicting physics-based puzzler includes elements of gravitational & magnetic attraction.

The objective of Traverse is to consume power nodes throughout levels. This is achieved by controlling the path of you energy disc: when your disc hits a node, the node is consumed. The disc itself is controlled by the launcher ring. When the disc is released, it will follow the path you set, and then return magnetically back to the ring. There are a limited number of shots in each level, and to be successful you have to plan your strategy to consume all the nodes. The path the disc travels is controlled by setting the location of two targets. The disc target and the ring target. Once these locations are set, you release the disc, and depending upon where you set your targets, the path of the disc could be straight or possibly curved. A number of included power-ups affect the path of the disc. There are 9 types of power-up cells which are path altering, exploding, multi-disc spawning and more. You will need to master the use of the power-ups to complete all the puzzles.

Featuring two unique modes of play, an astonishing 120 levels, different types of power-up cells, multi-touch offset aim control, in-app purchases of solutions to tricky puzzles, and incredible physics, this game will have you addicted instantly! Additionally, Traverse features a “review” mode that allows you to review previously beaten levels, and the ability to play your own choice of music! Traverse is OpenFeint compatible and was featured in collaboration with OpenFeint as Free Game Of The Day earlier this week, massively increasing its already growing fan-base!

Traverse is available on the App Store by following this link:

Here is a video of the game.


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