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The Pirate King boards the App Store in June

Paris, France, San Francisco, CA, USA, May 24, in the year of our Lord 2011 - Hoist the sails and get ready for a piratin' adventure, mateys! It's time to gather your crew, swab the decks and set sail with the newest adventure from BulkyPix and Egg Ball, The Pirate King, coming to your new-fangled iOS devices and Facebook this June!

What's that, ya scalawag? You say you need to know the story of The Pirate King? Sit down, ya land lubbers, and we'll tell it to you. In this multiplayer, all-ages adventure game, you'll be able to forge yer pirating legacy, creating a true scoundrel with a customized look and name. From there, pay a visit to the town, a place for low lives and pirating scum just like you. Here, you can forge new weapons, play the lottery to increase your gold count, and make improvements to your ship before you hit the high seas. Hidden gold purses are also about, along with the opportunity to steal from your neighbors. Because that's the pirating way!

Once you finish up the town, it's time to hit the open seas, navigating yer way across treacherous waters engaging in epic battles with rival pirate ships. Old-fashioned treasure hunts and explorable new towns also await you, as you continue to spread your villainy far and wide to become the Pirate King.

Ah, but you'll need to scuttle with the best of 'em, matey. For the Terrible Blanks is already making a name for himself, as one of the most famous pirates across the seas. You'll need to push you pirating legacy to greater heights, getting a pricey bounty on yer head and getting in enough skirmishes to eventually go face to face with him. Only then will you be able to battle for the right to become the Pirate King. Fail, and you'll be paying a visit to Davy Jones' locker!

Game Features:
- A rich and full of life graphic universe
- Playable on several platforms (iOS, PC, Facebook, Mac, Androïd)
- Customizable ships to enhance to Pirate adventures
- Rule your town and upgrade your ships
- Embody a real Pirate life (steal, fight)
- Online game, fight ships whenever you want (!!! fights are similar to style of My Brute, not in real time ==> enemies don't need to be connected)
- A strong community (world ranking, rivalry / stealing, invite friends, share your score on Facebook)

"The Pirate King is a fun pirating adventure for all ages," said Vincent Dondaine, COO of, BulkyPix. "Fans of the genre will enjoy getting into epic ship battles and performing acts of piracy, and kids will see what it's like to be a notorious pirate. The bright, colorful graphics and easy touch-screen gameplay make this a fun adventure worth playing."

"RARRRRR! THIS GAME IS GREAT! RARRRRR!" said Polly the Parrot. "Pieces of eight, pieces of eight! Polly want a cracker and The Pirate King on his iPhone! RARRRR!"

Look for The Pirate King this June.

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