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The Mighty Macs Hits Theaters October 21

Los Angeles, May 23, in the year of our Lord 2011 – Quaker Media, with Ocean Avenue Entertainment and The Maximus Group, announces that THE MIGHTY MACS, the inspirational and true story of 1972’s women’s college basketball championship, opens in theaters on Oct. 21, 2011. Set in suburban Philadelphia, THE MIGHTY MACS stars Carla Gugino, David Boreanz, Marley Shelton and Academy Award®-winner Ellen Burstyn. Burstyn is among the elite winners of the “Acting Triple Crown”: an Oscar®, an Emmy, and a Tony.

THE MIGHTY MACS tells the exciting “Cinderella” story of early women’s college basketball. Cathy Rush – a woman ahead of her time (and a Baptist) – takes a seemingly unnoticeable position as the head basketball coach at tiny Immaculata, an all-girls Catholic college in suburban Philadelphia. In the early ‘70s when few women worked outside the home and girls basketball had just gone full-court, Rush led a ragtag group of girls to the women’s national championship.

"Every good sports movie is a metaphor for something else,” Tim Chambers, the film’s director, said. “Just as the movie MIRACLE was set against the backdrop of the Cold War and REMEMBER THE TITANS tackled race relations, THE MIGHTY MACS is about the equality of dreams . . . about not letting ‘who you are’ get in the way of what you can achieve." Though Chambers is a 20-year vet of film and television, THE MIGHTY MACS is his feature-film directing debut. He also produced the film and wrote the screenplay.

Partnering with Quaker Media, Ocean Avenue Entertainment and The Maximus Group for the theatrical release is AFFIRM Films, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. AFFIRM is consulting on the theatrical marketing efforts and developing THE MIGHTY MACS creative assets. "We are very pleased to be involved with this project. We have a history of successful partnership with Ocean Avenue Entertainment and The Maximus Group,” said Rich Peluso, Vice President of AFFIRM Films. “THE MIGHTY MACS is an inspiring film that will connect well to the audiences we know how to reach."

The Maximus Group, an Atlanta-based communications agency specializing in niche audiences, heads marketing strategy. The Maximus Group has successfully partnered on multiple major Hollywood releases including THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, THE NATIVITY STORY, FIREPROOF, and recently THE GRACE CARD and OF GODS AND MEN. Lisa Wheeler, The Maximus Group executive vice president, said, “Not since RUDY has a film awakened such a desire to jump out of your seat and root for the underdog as this one. Audiences will love this movie.”

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