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Tetro Mania Is Now Available

Recently released Tetro Mania from Bangkok based independent developer, ThaiBro Game Studio, is one of those puzzle games you just can’t seem to put down, once you begin playing it!

The name “Tetro” derives from “tetromino”, also called a tetramino or tetrimino, and is a geometric shape composed of four squares, connected orthogonally. To complete each level in the game you will be given a number of Tetro pieces, and a level grid which must be completed before you can finish the level and move on to the next. Pieces can be rotated easily, and by using the very intuitive and simple controls, pieces need to be dragged onto the grid to complete the level. It’s extremely addicting and much easier to play than to explain! On later levels you will be introduced to a cute little frog who loves nothing more than to eat Tetro pieces! As pieces enter the side of the screen you will quickly learn that some pieces are of no use to you, and those pieces are ideal to feed the little frog, earning you extra points. But caution is advised as each number of Tetro pieces for each level is limited, and if you accidently feed the frog too many important pieces you would otherwise need to complete the grid on a level, you will fail to complete the puzzle!

Tetro Mania is now available on the App Store and the Mac App Store, and the game is compatible with Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch®. The iOS version of Tetro Mania features an amazing 100 levels of pure awesomeness, while the Mac version has an astonishing 140 puzzle levels (and 40 extra levels!). A version of the game is currently in development for the Apple iPad® and will be available very soon.

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