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Tecmo Koei Launches First Social Networking Game Jollywood

BURLINGAME, Calif. May 18th, in the year of our Lord 2011 – TECMO KOEI America today announces JollyWood, a new wildlife habitat themed social networking game to beta launch exclusively on the Facebook platform on May 19. The game brings fun and excitement to the charming forest animals of JollyWood with unique nature themed sanctuaries amidst picturesque landscapes.

Design getaway spots in JollyWood, from planning and building to decorating and managing resources. Facilities range from thrilling amusement park rides to relaxing jacuzzis. Not only will users be able to create these unique sanctuaries but also use gadgets like ladders and suspension bridges to connect facilities. As players progress and complete more quests, they will unlock even more attractive facilities, gadgets and decorations.

In JollyWood, players unlock, buy and build facilities which attract other animal visitors to their trees. Visitors are enabled to move about the player’s tree freely by connecting these facilities with fun gadgets. Along the way, players will collect generous tips from happy visitors but they must also be cautious to tend to angry visitors when facilities are out of service by replenishing supplies.

The game allows players to connect and engage from around the world in the creative landscape. Players will build their fun tree-house with a helping hand from Facebook friends and solve quests together. In JollyWood, users can even set out to gather more supplies and gadgets together in order to design the ultimate getaway. With the extensive range of facilities, gadgets and decorations, the possibilities are endless to personalize and entertain in JollyWood.

Celebrated among gamers for action titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors, TECMO KOEI plans to broaden its audience and portfolio of games on multiple platforms to further connect the world through games. With the development of JollyWood, TECMO KOEI continues to extend the company's footprint worldwide through games across mobile and networked social platforms.

For more information on JollyWood, please visit: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/jollywood/eg

To visit the Facebook fan page of JollyWood, please go to: http://www.facebook.com/JollyWood.TecmoKoei

To play JollyWood, please go to: http://apps.facebook.com/jollywood

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