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Supreme Court attacks families in EMA ruling

Cordova, TN, June 27, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- The Supreme Court of the United States of America rendered a SHOCKING ruling in the case of EDMUND G. BROWN, JR., GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, PETITIONERS v. ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION. They decided that enforcement of the ESRB's rating system is not Constitutional. In a surprising 7 - 2 ruling they opened the door to child abuse. The California law was pretty simple - anyone selling to a minor would face a one thousand dollar fine. Similar to pornography, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. For some odd reason enforcement of the ESRB's rating system is not legal like enforcement of other products harmful to children.

Family groups are calling for investigations to the BIG MONEY that was spent to garnish this Supreme Court ruling. Reasonable persons can not comprehend why the High Court in the land would support corporate greed, and child abuse. This ruling has also shined a light on the questionable 'independent' nature of the ESRB. The many gaffes of the ESRB has been exposed by Family Friendly Gaming and other independent minded media outlets. They have still not answered the many questions surrounding their numerous mistakes, and extremely close relationship to numerous big money video game companies.

"It is a sad day for families that greed and a blatant attack on families has become legal," said editor in chief Paul Bury. "The forces of evil won a battle today, as the child abusers now get their way. The video game industry has said for years it is okay for disgusting, repugnant and destructive content in video games because of their rating system. Yet when anyone tries to enforce their rating system, they attack them. They do not have a right to pawn this filth off on children."

"Families have already been vocal to us here at Family Friendly Gaming. They do not trust the courts, they do not trust the ESRB, and they do not trust the companies trying to destroy the innocence of their children," Art Editor Yolanda Bury chimed in. "Numerous families have already told us that they trust Family Friendly Gaming and our reviews. If we don't review it, and give it a high enough score they are not giving these companies any more money. We appreciate their trust, and how we are one of the few voices that will tell the truth. The propaganda coming from the industry right now is beyond disturbing."

JUSTICE THOMAS and JUSTICE BREYER both gave families a voice in their dissent. They intellectually explained why the California law is Constitutional. They also posed questions to the other justices, and the video game industry that none of them have addressed. Speech to minors must be accompanied by an adult. So in the case of this law, it is requiring adult supervision. The EMA fought to deny parents their Constitutional rights. They fought to abuse children without parental consent. The California law did not stop violent video games from being made, put in stores, and legally sold to those old enough. The irrational response by the EMA says one thing - they want to destroy the youth of America.

Families need to be aware that they are solidly under attack. They need to now watch their children 24 by 7 by 365. The Courts has given rights to the predators, and done everything possible to make it harder on the parents to raise their children in a way that avoids the hate filled video games. The Supreme Court will have blood on their hands for every single additional school shooter that comes from California. That state has had the will of the people circumvented, and the states right's have also been attacked. There is hope for families though. They must boycott these games, and use tools to assist them in avoiding hate filled video games. Family Friendly Gaming will continue to stand up for families and for the truth.

Click here for the full ruling.


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