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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Now Available



SAN MATEO, Calif., March 28, in the year of our Lord 2011 – The legendary game franchise, Street Fighter® is now available in full 3D, supporting global WiFi multiplayer matches in Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS™ system in North America. Punches and kicks fly off the screen in the Nintendo 3DS, offering consumers for the first time high quality, portable 3D entertainment without glasses.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition utilizes the innovative features of Nintendo 3DS while bringing the console experience to the portable system. The fighting style and gameplay mechanics, for which the series is known, are back and perfected for the 3DS with additional features for both hardcore and new player alike. Included are a dynamic over-the-shoulder cinematic camera and fully customizable accessible control schemes that help break down the walls of entry. What's more, players can choose from 35 playable characters including classic warriors like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, as well as newcomers like Juri and Hakan, to battle friends across the world courtesy of enhanced, online multiplayer features. The Nintendo StreetPass™ functionality also brings a new collectible figurine battle component to the franchise.

Utilizing all the Nintendo 3DS connectivity features, players can compete in both local and online multiplayer Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition battles. Battle or watch matches as a spectator, with up to eight other players courtesy of LIVE! Channel mode. Alternatively, players can take advantage of Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection service and battle others one-on-one in INTERNET MATCH mode. Players can even send game data to another Nintendo 3DS system via DOWNLOAD PLAY mode, enabling two-player matches using just one Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition game card.

As players bid for victory in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, they can play in PRO mode or utilize the new LITE control scheme, which assigns shortcuts for hard to execute moves on the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen. Massive combos can easily be achieved with the touch of a finger, a useful tool for players new to the Street Fighter series. Experienced players may prefer PRO mode, where all the combos have to be executed the hardcore way, but with four more buttons to assign combinations of buttons.

Another new introduction to the Street Fighter franchise is Figurine Mode, which employs the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass feature to add a collectible meta-game. Players collect bottle-cap figurines from the Street Fighter characters, each with various attributes (Level, Health Points, Attack power, etc.). They then select a total of five figurines from their collection, which will automatically fight other players’ five figurines via StreetPass chance encounter. When winning a StreetPass chance encounter, the gamer will receive exclusive Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition in-game currency and rewards.

Offering brand new multiplayer and gameplay modes, a massive roster of characters, bonus stages and cinematic Ultra combos, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, is now fully portable and comes packed with fresh, innovative features sure to delight series fans and newcomers alike.

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