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Star-Studded Word of Promise Now on GoBible


NEW YORK—April 20, in the year of our Lord 2011—GoBible today announced that its Original GoBible and GoBible Voyager digital audio Bibles now are available with The Word of Promise – a dramatic narration of the New King James Version of the scriptures by top Hollywood stars including: Academy Award winners Marisa Tomei, Richard Dreyfuss, Louis Gossett Jr., and Marcia Gay Hardin; well-known names such as Gary Sinise, Jason Alexander, and Michael York; and Christian music stars Rebecca St. James and Michael W. Smith.

The Word of Promise is an engaging, scripted reading of the Bible, backed by a stirring musical score. And now, the full version of the recording from Genesis to Revelation is available on the portable, easy-to-use Original GoBible and GoBible Voyager models, which feature the ability to search the scriptures and begin play at the verse level.

“With the GoBible Word of Promise version, we combine GoBible’s unique technology with a unique narration of the scriptures to create a special product,” said Andrew Block, president of The GoBible LLC.

The Word of Promise – which features the talents of over 600 actors – was launched in 2009, and produced with state of the art audio technology in the narration, scoring, and sound effects creating a “you are there” listening experience. Combined with GoBible’s Original and Voyager digital audio players, listeners now have unprecedented access to an engaging, entertaining version of God’s word.

“We’re very glad to partner with GoBible to make The Word of Promise audio Bible available in even more formats,” said Gary Davidson, senior vice president and group publisher for Thomas Nelson’s Bible Group. “It is an outstanding project that has touched a lot of lives, and this partnership will help get it into the hands of even more people.”

GoBible continues to lead the way in the audio Bible market with their innovative special features. Both the Original GoBible and GoBible Voyager devices feature a complete version of The Word of Promise indexed at the verse level. The units also contain a story index of 230 Bible stories, a topic index, a Bible-in-a-Year Plan, holiday/event index, and personal bookmarks.

Both models were recently upgraded to include a voice menu function to aid the visually impaired. The Voyager, which has 3 gigabytes of free space for personal downloads, now comes with a rechargeable battery.

With these features, GoBible users gain access to the work of top actors in The Word of Promise who bring biblical figures to life. The roles include:

Jason Alexander as Joseph
Joan Allen as Deborah
Sean Astin as Elihu
Lou Diamond Phillips as Mark
Richard Dreyfuss as Moses
Louis Gossett Jr. as John
Harry Hamlin as Nehemiah
Marcia Gay Hardin as Esther
John Heard as Matthew
Ernie Hudson as Peter
Stacy Keach as Paul
Malcolm McDowell as Solomon
Luke Perry as Stephen and Judas
John Rhys-Davies as Saul
John Schneider as James
Gary Sinise as David
Marisa Tomei as Mary Magdalene
Terrence Stamp as the voice of God
Michael York as the Narrator
Rebecca St. James as Servant Girl
Michael W. Smith as Cleopas

In addition, the GoBible Voyager and Original GoBible are available with the New International Version and King James Version of the Bible preloaded. GoBible features preloaded versions of the NIV, KJV, and the NVI Spanish translation on its Traveler line. GoBible also offers mobile Bible apps for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Downloadable audio products include Bibles in many versions of the scriptures; Christian books; and sermons and Christian classics; and children’s Bibles and books are also available at www.GoBible.com.


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