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Speedball 2 Evolution now available on the Ovi Store


Monday, 9th May in the year of our Lord 2011: The Bitmap Brothers have joined forces with Jon Hare’s Tower Studios and quality development house Vivid Games to create a stunning Symbian version of the game for Nokia Symbian^3 Smartphones. This classic fusion of Ice Hockey, American Football and Pinball, better known as the futuristic sport of Speedball which was first released by The Bitmap Brothers in 1990.

This brilliantly updated version of Speedball has proved an instant hit classic across Europe on iPad, iPhone and Apple Mac, topping the charts in Germany, France, Italy and a host of other countries Worldwide Speedball 2 Evolution was the #1 top rated new game on the App Store in February of this year and averages 4.5 stars out of 5 on the UK AppStore from over 1,300 User Reviews.

With quick-play, league and cup tournaments, players can enjoy a quick game or a more structured competition – but it is the comprehensive 10 season career mode, including the new Speedball Champions League and a full player transfer market with 360 fully upgradable and transferable players which really grab the headlines.

Of course, the original game’s combination of fast-based cartoon violence, tongue-in-cheek humour, and perfect playability remain – making this the ideal handheld sports title for veteran Speedball players or newcomers to this most competitive of sports.

“The ongoing success of Speedball 2 Evolution on every format we publish it on is stunning and it is without doubt the best remake of any classic title currently available for smartphones” says Jon Hare, the games creative director and CEO of publisher, Tower Studios. “To existing fans this is a classic remake, to the new generation of players this really is just a fantastic new game.”

Speedball 2 Evolution features:
- 336 Individual Players
- 22 Achievements
- 20 Power-ups and Pick-ups
- 16 Classic Speedball Teams
- 12 New Intergalactic Teams
- 10 Season Career Mode
- 9 Game Modes
- 6 Arenas on 4 different planets
- Player Transfer Market and Upgrades
- Extensive Tutorial
- HD Graphics

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