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Scholastic Celebrates 25 Years of the Magic School Bus


New York, NY – September 26, in the year of our Lord 2011 – Scholastic Media, a division of Scholastic Inc., (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children’s publishing, education and media company, today announced that its 25th anniversary celebration of the global children’s science franchise The Magic School Bus® will kick off next month in conjunction with the release of ‘THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: OCEANS’ for Nintendo DS and ‘THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: DINOSAURS’ for iPad. Both releases are based on best-selling Scholastic books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. The 25th anniversary campaign will include additional new product releases, a live touring show, a new ‘Where Will The Bus Take YOU?’ online game, a live promotional event and coordinated brand promotion across all of Scholastic Inc. Since Scholastic first introduced children around the world to the magical bus in 1986 with The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks, the program has expanded to include 58 million books in print in ten languages and an Emmy ® Award-winning television series that has been sold to 39 countries in 16 languages. Each book takes students on a scientific adventure with wacky teacher Ms. Frizzle and combines factually accurate scientific lessons with humorous plot lines and beautiful illustrations.

“For twenty-five years, The Magic School Bus has encouraged and motivated children and families around the world to ‘get out there and explore’ through immersive and interactive field trips,” said Deborah Forte, President of Scholastic Media and Executive Vice President of Scholastic Inc. “We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and introduce the next generation to a unique approach to science on new platforms.”

“The Magic School Bus was ahead of its time, predicting the current move to bring together science comprehension and English language literacy,” says Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President of Scholastic Education and Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic Inc. “When kids jump on the Magic School Bus, they get to read, think about and take action in support of science. Kids need Ms. Frizzle’s encouragement to excel at science now more than ever.”

The Magic School Bus will see several new releases this fall. Scholastic Interactive will release two new titles for different platforms next month: The Magic School Bus: Oceans for Nintendo DS ™ and The Magic School Bus: Dinosaurs app for iPad. Maximum Entertainment Productions and The Brad Simon Organization will tour the new “The Magic School Bus - Live! The Climate Challenge” live show to 60 cities throughout the US. Identity Games will release its new GameChanger (an electronic board that works with the iPad) featuring The Magic School Bus game skins. The Young Scientists Club will launch ‘The Magic School Bus Science Club’ and release five new Magic School Bus activity kits this year and Scholastic Audio has three new Magic School Bus audiobooks scheduled for release in 2012. Now in its 17th consecutive season, The Magic School Bus airs seven days a week on the Qubo channel, and on weekday and weekend mornings on Qubo’s programming block on the NBC, ION and Telemundo networks. In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Qubo recently added new episodes to its rotation.

The Magic School Bus anniversary and new products will be supported by a campaign that includes, among other initiatives, a national advertising campaign that will invite kids, parents and teachers to ‘Get Out and Explore’ with a new online game that launches October 10th called “Where Will The Bus Take YOU?” at www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus. On October 17th, Scholastic will ring the closing bell at NASDAQ in honor of the anniversary. Also in New York City along the Hudson River, Scholastic will host a live 25th anniversary field trip event on October 20th featuring author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen. The two, along with Ms. Frizzle, will also make an appearance and sign books at the Scholastic Store in SoHo on October 22nd.

The brand has won numerous industry excellence awards, including two Emmys for Lily Tomlin (for her portrayal of Ms. Frizzle in the TV series), five CINE Golden Eagles, a Parents Choice Gold Medal, a National Conservation Achievement Award, an Environmental Media Association Award, and an Annenberg Public Policy Center Award.

Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus Facebook page.


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