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SNK Releases Free Additional Content for iPhone Game King of Fighters-i


SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President: Ryo Mizufune) is proud to announce the worldwide release of free additional content for "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" on iPhone / iPod touch from September 9th, in the year of our Lord 2011.

"THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" is the newest installment in THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2D versus fighting series on iPhone / iPod touch, which has been enjoying great success worldwide from July 7th, 2011. "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" faithfully recreates the gorgeous graphics of SNK PLAYMORE's world-famous KOF 2D versus fighting series, while its touch screen "tapping-based" controls allow players to easily perform various special moves and combos, so that even novice players will enjoy this new KOF play-feeling.

Via this free additional content, "Iori Yagami", "Mature", "Vice", "ElisabethBranctorche", "ShenWoo", and "DuoLon" join the original cast of 14 characters in "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" for a total of 20 fighters available! These 6 new entries will increase the number of possible teams, allowing you to create a lineup that suits your fighting style / strategy. In addition to these new characters, a "Challenge Mode" in which your brain will be required, and more trading cards and illustrations for "Gallery Mode" have also been added!

In addition, in order to celebrate this upgrade, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" will be available at the incredibly low price of $4.99, for a limited one week period between September 9th and September 16th, 2011! Don't miss it!


Release Date: Available Now

(*The additional content is scheduled to be released from September 9th, 2011)

Genre: Action
Compatible Systems: iPhone 3GS (iOS4.1 and later), iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation and later)
Qualifying Age: 12+

Price:$7.99⇒ $4.99 (limited time sales between September 9th and September 16th, 2011)

(*The additional content is free to download for those who have previously purchased this application)

"THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i" Official (English) Web Site:


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