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SEGA PLAY Baseball Launches On Facebook


SAN FRANCISCO - March 8, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- SEGAź of America today announced that SEGA PLAY! Baseball™ has officially released on Facebook. The game will enable players to create, customize and manage a baseball team made up of their own players—as well as players created by Facebook friends—for fun and exciting competition in a real, global league.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball is free-to-play and provides fans with an opportunity to show off their skills at team creation and management and experience the thrill of victory in league play, regardless of season. Users create their team name and uniform, customize avatars, level up their players’ skills and recruit friends’ players to create an even stronger baseball team. Players can also build up their own ballpark with a great selection of items from the serious to the seriously fun.

Users can pit their dream team against other Facebook users around the world to challenge their friends in one-on-one matches or “go pro” in global league play. Casual sports gamers will enjoy real competition against real players as they play in a full season of games against other teams for the league championship. In SEGA PLAY! Baseball, everyone can be a sports star!

For more information about SEGA PLAY! Baseball, please visit http://apps.facebook.com/segaplaybaseball/


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