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Romance of Rome Coming February


G5 Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of Hidden Object and Time Management games on the App Store, announces that it has today submitted Romance of Rome iOS game to Apple review. The expected release date of Romance of Rome for iPhone and Romance of Rome HD for iPad is 17th February 2011. Romance of Rome is originally developed for PC by Awem Studios, and is developed and published on iPhone and iPad by G5 Entertainment AB. The game supports multitasking and Apple's Game Center, and provide extra detail in images on Retina Display of iPhone 4.

Game Description:
Join Marcus as he travels to Rome in search of adventure of his life! Romance of Rome opens with the emperor announcing that thieves have stolen valuable imperial relics. The monarch promises his beautiful daughter's hand in marriage to the one who brings them back. Help Marcus find the stolen relics and win the heart of the Emperor's daughter. Explore the gigantic Coliseum, the fabulous Forum and other wonderful places for the whereabouts of the priceless pieces. Talk and help other citizens who will return your generosity. Visit merchants and purchase special items to show your worth. But be very careful, because you aren't the only one with the eyes on the grand prize. Love, treachery and jeopardy await you in the Romance of Rome, a unique hidden object adventure that takes you back to the legendary days of the Roman Empire!

30 Dazzling Levels
17 Stunning Locations
7 Adventurous Episodes
Cleverly Hidden Objects
Over 2 Dozen Trophies to Earn
Earn money to purchase clothes and accessories
Win love and worship of Roman citizens
Make your mark in history!

For more information, visit Romance of Rome home pages at:

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