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Rite of Passage in Stores Now


WHAT: Retail and online launches this week for Rite of Passage: A Father’s Blessing from pastor, author, film producer, and dad—Jim McBride. In an American culture that clings to childhood and reinforces irresponsibility, Rite of Passage shows parents how to help their growing children leave adolescence for adulthood.

WHO: Executive pastor of Sherwood Church and executive producer of the film COURAGEOUS, McBride traces a biblical road map to a centuries-old, global tradition still relevant for today’s American families.

SYNOPSIS: McBride’s book examines practices centuries-old and pan-cultural, ceremonies or occasions when adults publicly pronounce that this boy is now a man and this girl a women—and inductees step into their adult roles in society.

In Rite of Passage, parents learn to deliberately and biblically draw a line between childhood and adult responsibilities and privileges. Referring to McBride’s personal experience and to world history Rite of Passage opens parents to easily adaptable ways to usher their children out of extended youth and into full life as the mature people God calls us to be.


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