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Pokemon LAUNCHING online TRADING CARD GAME experience with Pokemon trainer challenge


BELLEVUE, WA - February 15, in the year of our Lord 2011 - Are you a Pokémon™ Trading Card Game player?  Perhaps you're looking to join the fun of the Pokémon TCG for the very first time?  Whether you're a Pokémon TCG pro or new to trading card game play, get ready for a completely interactive online experience: Pokémon Trainer Challenge, coming from The Pokémon Company International in April!  This all-new online version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (www.pokemontcg.com) will initially feature three preconstructed Pokémon TCG decks for you to choose from in order to battle against fourteen virtual Pokémon TCG players in three Leagues, all of which replicate real-world game play and strategy.  


Adding to the fun of Pokémon Trainer Challenge, fans can purchase the brand-new Pokémon TCG: Black & White preconstructed decks on April 6 at major retail stores nationwide and unlock an identical virtual deck to battle with in the online world!  After Pokémon Trainer Challenge launches, exciting features and additions will be added in the months to come, including the opportunity to play future preconstructed decks in the online game.                 


"Pokémon Trainer Challenge provides convenient, on-demand access to exciting TCG game play for all Pokémon TCG fans, whether they're currently playing, coming back to the action, or just getting introduced to the world of Pokémon TCG for the first time," said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing for The Pokémon Company International.  "Now anyone who wants to play Pokémon TCG can, either live or online." 


In order to play with the new Pokémon TCG: Black & White preconstructed decks in Pokémon Trainer Challenge, players will need to create a free Pokémon Trainer Club account that is easily obtained at www.pokemon.com/us/account/login. 


For Pokémon Trainer Challengefeatures and updates, please visit www.pokemontcg.com.


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