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Penguin Marches Forward with 24X DS Case


FREMONT, CA (AUGUST, in the year of our Lord 2011) – Penguin continues its march toward peripheral excellence with the launch of the 24X DS Game Carry Case which comes in an array of attractive colors and is capable of holding up to 24 game cartridges for Nintendo® DSI™, DSI™XL, 3DS™ and DS™LITE.

The 24X Case is made from sturdy premium nylon, with interior transparent sleeves made from extra durable polypropylene material. With colors ranging from red, yellow and pink and a suggested retail price of only $12.99, they’re the perfect cartridge case for active gamers on the go.

“Each 24X Case holds more games than other cartridge cases,” stated Richard Huang, Penguin’s General Manager. “It’s a one of kind solution dedicated to helping gamers with a large and growing game collection. It provides more storage space and a better, more impressive view of the game titles. It offers an improved, cleaner solution than the typical hard plastic cartridge case. And it’s built to last. It makes carrying your game cartridges so much more convenient than cramming them into your pocket or dumping them into a back pack. For a small cost the 24X Case will help you stay organized and protect your game cartridges.”

Product Highlights:
· Holds up to 24 DS Game Cartridges
· 4 Transparent Sleeves hold up to 6 DS Cartridges Each
· Exterior Material Made from Premium Nylon
· Transparent Sleeves Made From Extra Durable Polypropylene Material
· Protects and Organizes a Game Cartridges
· Reliable, Sturdy Zipper Protects Cartridges from Water, Moisture, Dirt and Dust
· SRP: $12.99


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