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Nyko Brings the Movie Theater 3D Experience to the 3DS Announced


LOS ANGELES - April 1, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Nyko Technologies today announced their latest foray into the 3DS accessory market with 3D Glasses for the Nintendo 3DS. The 3D Glasses allow you to bring the cinema 3D experience with you anywhere from the bus to the bathroom. Nyko’s unique and patented “Lens-less is More” Technology removes any glass or plastic lenses from the frame, while still providing the look and feel of 3D Glasses. Featuring absolutely no ergonomics what-so-ever, and a hard, unforgiving plastic frame with no rubber grip, the 3D Glasses are guaranteed to be uncomfortable for extended or quick gameplay sessions and are designed to leave marks on the bridge of your nose.

Each set of 3D Glasses comes with five unbalancing weights that you can place strategically on the glasses to have them shift on your head while in use. Place them upfront to replicate the heavy active shutter glasses found in most high end movie theaters or stick them on the sides to simulate a pair of broken or uneven 3D glasses. In addition, Nyko is including three bacteria wipes featuring sweat and germs from random strangers you can apply to your glasses before use to truly capture the used glasses experience from today’s hottest 3D movies.

“As fans of 3D glasses from the days of cardboard red and blue to today’s active shutter technology we were left empty hearted playing the 3DS without any glasses on,” said Poisson D’Avril, Executive Vice President of 3D Technology . “Now with our 'Lens-less is More' Technology, we can provide all the comfort and familiarity of 3D Glasses on the 3DS”

Nyko’s 3D Glasses for Nintendo 3DS will be shipping to retailers this spring for an MSRP of $99.99.

Fans of Nyko on Facebook are encouraged to take pictures of themselves playing 3DS with their own versions of Nyko "Lens-less is More" Technology 3D Glasses. Post your picture on Nyko's Facebook page for a chance to win a new Nyko Charge Base for 3DS.

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