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Ninjamurai PSP-PS3 Launches

Limerick, Ireland - (July 6, in the year of our Lord 2011) - Video Game Developer Open Emotion Studios, announced that it has launched its action/platformer, Ninjamurai, for PSP/PlayStation 3. The game is now available to download on the PlayStation Network.

The new PSP Mini title puts players in control of a young ninja-samurai known as Ninjamurai on his quest to discover more about the "Black Armour" corporation and find those responsible for the death of his parents. With reflexive combat options, break-neck speed and high-flying action, players must battle and outrun a number of evil forces. The complex combat system is all about choice: players can focus on the speed of their Ninja training forsaking combative abilities but giving them extra speed, stealth and jumping abilities. Or if they prefer, players can challenge all those in their path via the combat stance which gives them a powerful magical jutsu, combo attacks and a powerful stab attack. Players can opt to kill everything that moves or zoom past everyone and everything; with the achievement system rewarding both approaches!

"Ninjamurai has been a really exciting title for our team to work on and we are really excited that now we can share it with U.S. gamers," said Paddy Murphy, CEO of Open Emotion Studios. "As we have worked towards launch we have heard the game compared to Shinobi, Sonic, Canabalt, Mario and many others. We are extremely flattered that people feel the influence of some of the best retro style games ever made in our title and we invite gamers to come in and check out the game and experience the fun for themselves."

Ninjamurai tells the tale of revenge as Takezou Nishimura (Ninjamurai) journeys across a strange and twisted world to take on the might of the evil Black Armour Corporation. The PSP Mini will featuring 20 levels, a huge soundtrack, hand drawn visuals, 5 costumes, 12 in-game achievements, time trials and so much more!

For more information, please visit the official Website at


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