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Natsume Releases Reel Fishing II and Harvest Moon Back To Nature on PSN


Burlingame, CA, February 8, in the year of our Lord 2011 - Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, announced today that Reel Fishing II and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature are now available for download on the PlayStation Network. The games are rated E by the ESRB.

"These are two great PlayStation classics that deliver just as much fun today," said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO at Natsume. "Reel Fishing II boasts the gorgeous settings and thrilling, realistic fishing action that have made the series such a long-running favorite. Harvest Moon: Back To Nature is loaded with colorful characters, fun activities, and action-packed minigames!"

Reel Fishing II is a highly-regarded entry in one of the best selling fishing franchises of all time. It still stands out as a deep, beautiful, and thoroughly realistic fishing simulation. With four different fishing methods, 70 types of fish, and more than 500 different pieces of tackle to experiment with, Reel Fishing II will have you hooked!

The first Harvest Moon game for the PlayStation, Harvest Moon: Back To Nature puts you in charge of your family's struggling farm. Can you bring it back from the brink of ruin and turn it into a flourishing farmstead? Harvest Moon: Back To Nature boasts more than 50 characters to help and befriend, tons of fun-filled minigames, and a bushel of festivals and events! Grow crops, raise livestock, and you might even start a farming family of your own!

For more information on Reel Fishing II and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, please visit www.natsume.com.

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