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Mindshapes Goes Wild with Lingo Zoo


LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO - September 29, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Mindshapes, the leading digital publisher of fun educational apps for the whole family, announces the release of Lingo Zoo, a jigsaw puzzle that teaches animal names in Spanish and English.

After completing all the puzzles in each habitat, the child unlocks access to the next level; Farm, Underwater, Woodland, Safari, Flower Garden, Outback and Jungle.

Ideal for children ages three to five, Lingo Zoo is available on the iPad™, iPhone® and iPod® touch, creating an interactive medium for children to develop spatial recognition and attention skills. In addition, entertaining puzzles help with the categorization and grouping of visual information. Children are rewarded for completing each jigsaw when they hear the name of the animal in English and Spanish as well as the noise associated with that animal. Each sound can be repeated to encourage learning and understanding.

“Children love solving puzzles. We’ve incorporated their fascination and love into a language learning game that helps to develop spatial recognition and attention skills,” said James Peak, education manager for Mindshapes. “We’ve purposefully made the language learning subtle, so children are able to focus on the fun and excitement of puzzle solving.”

Lingo Zoo by Mindshapes is available on the App Store for $2.99.


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