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Mighty Fin coming to iPhone iPod Touch on June 2

Launching Pad Games, the team behind celebrated iPhone games Zoo Lasso and Scarlett and the Spark of Life, have a new game coming to the App Store this week! Mighty Fin is an addictive side-scrolling arcade game with tons of character. Priced at $0.99, it will hit the App Store worldwide on June 2.

Fin -- the game’s buoyant protagonist -- is in desperate need of a holiday, so he’s signed up for Shady Sal’s suspiciously cheap Round the World Tour. (Hey, money’s tight when you’re a working fish!) Now it’s up to you to guide him through eight scenic levels -- grabbing bonus bubbles and souvenir costumes, competing for medals and high scores, and avoiding hungry sharks, razor-sharp reefs, and other perilous obstacles that stand between Fin and vacation nirvana.

Designed specifically for iPhone / iPod Touch, Mighty Fin has intuitive single-touch controls, creative levels that change with each replay, retina display artwork, and Game Center integration.



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