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Meridian4 Announces Family Vacation


Montreal, Quebec, Canada – April 28, in the year of our Lord 2011 – They say that getting there is half the fun and Meridian4 will prove it later this year with the release of their new hidden-object game for PC, MAC and iPad, Family Vacation - California. Designed by Meridian4 and developed by Ocean Media, Family Vacation offers a unique alternative in a genre that traditionally revolves around suspenseful tales of murder and mystery. Instead, the goal of this hidden-object game is to find the fun in a family adventure.

“We’re all big fans of hidden-object games here at Meridian4, but we were beginning to feel that we were playing the same macabre story over and over again,” said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director for Meridian4. “Family Vacation breaks that mold in every way -- from the story and gameplay right down to the art style. Casual gamers will get the same accessible and addictive one-click action they crave, but in a lighter and brighter style than before.”

Barb never thought she’d win, but she did. Her submission to be a contestant on the game show; ThePriceisNice! was accepted and she and her family are on their way to sunny California. It’s up to you to help them get to their destination safe and happy. You’ll have to help them pack, get to the airport on time, board the plane, have a safe flight and get to their hotel at the other end.

Once at their destination, you’ll hit the beach, take in a ballgame and go to Playland Theme Park, before helping Barb compete on her favorite game show for cash and prizes.

Family Vacation will be available this summer via digital download on the biggest and best digital portals. For more information, please visit www.meridian4.com.


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