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Life Essentials Study Bible Features QR Codes


NASHVILLE—Aug. 8, in the year of our Lord 2011—In the 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible, the groundbreaking new Life Essentials Study Bible recharges modern readers by using top technology to link scripture passages to rich online resources.

Introducing the Life Essentials Study Bible, due this fall from renowned pastor and teacher Dr. Gene Getz and B&H Publishing Group. Introducing 1,500 scriptural principles essential to the Christian life in text next to the verses that inspired them. What’s more, each life principle features a QR code readable by smart phone and linking readers instantly to more than 250 hours of online video and audio resources.

“I’m convinced that this study Bible is one-of-a-kind,” Getz said. “The 1,500 principles are life-affirming, each one right by the scriptures that inspired it, each one with a question to help the reader apply the principle to where he or she is in life right at that moment. Then the real treat: each principle links by QR code to online resources—taking the life application even deeper.”

From Genesis to Revelation, the Life Essentials Study Bible unpacks all of scripture as a unified, life-enriching story. A “Principle Finder” in front of the Bible categorizes the 1,500 items into 241 topics so readers quickly find pertinent insights as needs arise.

The Life Essentials Study Bible delivers four remarkable features:
• Content The 1,500 principles open new ways to understand and tie together the entire biblical story. Brief and engaging commentary supports each principle, explains the text it comes from and uses a question to help readers in “Reflection and Response.”
• Life Relation Each principle relates to real people and applies to real lives.
• Supracultural Each principle is universally true—pertinent at any moment in history and in any culture in the world.
• Communication Style A principle appears not as a footnote but embedded in text—as close as possible to the scripture that inspired it. Then each principle’s QR code, a first in Bibles, takes readers directly to video or audio teaching from Dr. Getz.

A New Standard

As the Life Essentials Study Bible frames the Bible in a whole new way—readers quickly see how its pages apply to real life for real people, families, communities and in the workplace. From seekers to scholars, the Life Essentials Study Bible has instant and popular use for:

• personal reading and study
• family devotions
• small group study
• mentoring
• personal counseling
• doctrinal studies
• teaching
• leadership training
• sermon preparation
• higher education

Welcome to a new day in Bible study and reading—and in use of online resources. Even average readers will cross-reference new paths through the scriptures, reading straight through the Bible, taking on individual books, studying in-depth or teaching and sharing.


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