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LEGO Ninjago Spins into LEGO Universe


February 8, in the year of our Lord 2011 - The LEGO Group today announced the release of Crux Prime, the largest content zone ever to be discovered in LEGO® Universe. The popular LEGO brick-based MMOG will officially open Crux Prime on February 8 for the most exciting in-game battle yet! The new zone delivers fresh challenges within a LEGO original Ninjago storyline for players to discover. The LEGO Ninjago toy line was just released last month, so now players can experience the fun of spinning ninjas, both offline with new LEGO bricks and Minifigures, as well as online in LEGO Universe.

The incredibly rich Ninjago storyline will unfold throughout the year and beyond in LEGO Universe, while the LEGO Ninjago toy line brings new ninja-themed products to store shelves. In-game, players must search the Ninjago Monastery Ruins on Crux Prime to meet Sensei Wu, who knows the secrets to the powerful skill of Spinjitzu, the only skill that can destroy the nefarious Skeleton enemies. Masters of Spinjitzu can twirl and whirl into a tornado of pure Imagination that destroys the bony villains once and for all. Players will also uncover new Ninjago treasures, such as the Skeleton Fort Model Set, Skeleton Rockets, Fright Speed Skeleton Car, and a cute but creepy Skeleton Dragon Pet.

The LEGO Group is calling on LEGO Universe fans to fly to Crux Prime, and join in an epic battle to protect the very core of Imagination! By popular demand from the game community, players can take advantage of multiplayer team functionality for the very first time in Crux Prime. Assemble teams of up to four friends, then gear up and clash with powerful Maelstrom enemies on the battlefield. Only your efforts will prevent the sea of Maelstrom from overwhelming Nexus Tower and the Imagination Nexus which it protects!

Within the vast Crux Prime zone, players will be treated to over 100 new missions and achievements to complete, and over 100 new pieces of gear, decals and weapons to collect and share. Players can search the battlefield to discover four rare new armor sets like the Bat Lord and Explorien Bot; and can also gear up with alternate-color Faction Kits, like the Black Knight, Red Sorcerer or Silver Samurai!

Finally, builders will be excited to hear that Avant Grove, a large new Property World is now open near Avant Gardens. Players can defeat the Maelstrom and build freely to their heart’s content, dreaming up elaborate and never-before-seen creations with virtual LEGO bricks. Learn more about how you can explore LEGO Universe at www.LEGOuniverse.com!

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