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Knowledge Adventure and Media Chaperone partnership


CHICAGO, IL -- (July 12, in the year of our Lord 2011) – Media Chaperone, developer of Piggyback - a first of its kind Facebook application that helps parents stay engaged with their kids’ online game use – today at the GamesBeat 2011 conference announced a partnership with Knowledge Adventure’s JumpStart.com, an award-winning adventure-based 3D virtual world that teaches math, reading, and critical thinking skills so kids get a real jump start in school and ultimately in life. The partnership will provide millions of parents of JumpStart.com users the ability to stay updated on their children’s accomplishments from their Facebook profile while rewarding and encouraging their child.

The Piggyback application provides parents with important information, incentives and protection for their kids’ online game play and learning. Parents can obtain, in real-time, an overview (through a parent’s Facebook profile) of how their children are navigating the web within online gaming environments, social networks, and virtual worlds—and can easily manage entertainment expenditures, add monies for tokens, credit for continued gaming, all while monitoring online behavior and performance.

JumpStart.com is a magical online world packed with friends, games and adventures. From training dragons to exploring lost islands, JumpStart.com includes thousands of games and activities for children. “JumpStart.com believes that learning should be an adventure, not a chore, for both kids and parents,” said David Lord, CEO, Knowledge Adventure. “Piggyback is a terrific way for parents to learn more about their kids’ achievements in math, reading and critical thinking on Jumpstart.com.”

Piggyback simplifies the ability for parents to follow along with their kids’ online game behavior, social activities and learning success—and has already been integrated within several popular online gaming environments, social networks and virtual worlds including: Everloop, Planet Cazmo, Webosaurs Whyville, and Woozworld among others. With over 48 million moms on Facebook, according to Social Times, Piggyback provides easily accessible information with one-click rewards for their kids’ favorite games.

Ed Lewis, CEO of Media Chaperone acknowledged the value of partnering Knowledge Adventure the market leader in educational games for kids, “JumpStart.com set the standard for educational online games, and we are very excited to provide parents insight into their kids’ accomplishments. Parent recognition and rewards are proven to impact learning and performance, Piggyback allows parents to parent from Facebook.”

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