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Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle on iPad Only Receives Significant Update


Independent developer d-Studio originally released “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” for the Apple iPad® last December and ever since the developer has been very busy updating the game to include some brand new fantastic features!

The new v1.3 update available today on the App Store has a brand new image browser that supports picture sorting, which allows you to add, mark as favorite, and delete any picture in the library of puzzles. This feature is great for managing your images better and more effectively. Another new addition is an updated and more intuitive Settings Bar that allows you to more easily and comfortably control all preferences within the game, and “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” now also includes 28 brand new pictures - and all the pictures (48 of them!) from another game by the developer (Join The Hearts)!

“Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” is your perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles. The game features highly intuitive and natural controls with a unique set of gestures that makes the virtual jigsaw puzzle experience even better than the traditional jigsaw puzzle on your coffee table. With multiple difficulty settings the game is suitable to anyone regardless of experience and skill level, and the developer has focused hard on fully utilizing every possibility of touch-screen controls.

“Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” has already gained a loyal following of fans who truly love the game; with more than 280 ratings on the App Store, and with an average rating of or above 4.5 stars, this game is an absolute winner, and the new v1.3 update will vastly increase its already proven popularity.

“Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” v1.3 is available from the App Store here:


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