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Jessicas BowWow Bistro Releases

EXCELSIOR, Minnesota (June 29, in the year of our Lord 2011) — Gamers Digital announces that Jessica’s BowWow Bistro is available now for download at GameHouse.com exclusively for PC. As a sequel to the best-selling Jessica’s Cupcake Café, Jessica’s BowWow Bistro is a deliciously ‘off-the-leash’ kid’s game that mixes two cups of time management with equal servings of upgrade ability and player progression to create a video game delight for the entire family. It will be available for download everywhere else on July 13, 2011.

In Jessica’s BowWow Bistro, Jessica returns to expand her culinary business from the cupcake café into a delectable bakery that creates tasty treats for people’s best four legged friend. Place and fulfill kitchen orders, bake delicious doggie delicacies made from real life organic recipes, create menus, and fetch lots of cash to earn upgrades and expand the bistro before time runs out. Transform Jessica’s bistro into a booming success using time management skills necessary to simultaneously meet customer demand, bake premium pet treats for canine clientele and manage the store.

“Jessica’s BowWow Bistro is a filling game that will satisfyingly satiate even the most sizeable of gamer appetites. It offers more than 50 levels of off-the-leash fun that mixes in a variety of upgrades and power-ups as well as other features that fans have come to love in time management franchise’s first game, Jessica’s Cupcake Café,” said Scott Zerby, president of Gamers Digital.

Offering more than 50 levels, Jessica’s BowWow Bistro provides players with many opportunities to purchase upgrades such as dazzlingly decadent décor and equipment to improve the kitschy kitchen. In addition, when the going gets tough players can employ the bistro’s assistant and Jessica’s canine sidekick Andy to help prepare premium pet treats, fulfill all orders, earn cash to upgrade and expand Jessica’s BowWow Bistro, appease the palates of people and pets alike.

System Requirements:
· System Requirements
· Windows 7/Windows XP/Windows Vista
· 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
· 1024MB RAM
· DirectX 9.0
Rating is pending for Jessica’s BowWow Bistro. For more information on Jessica’s BowWow Bistro, please visit http://www.gamersdigital.com.


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