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Jack Of All Tribes hits the App Store on June 9 as a FREE download

May 31, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- G5 Entertainment, known for its best-selling iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC casual games like Supermarket Mania, Mahjongg Artifacts and Virtual City, today reveals the new title for iPhone and iPad, Jack Of All Tribes. Developed by DivoGames, Jack Of All Tribes is an amazing combination of strategy and time management gameplay. An accidental time travel brings Jack to the past, where he rules primitive tribes and searches for artifacts from the future. If he finds them all, he will be able to come back to the future.

Jack Of All Tribes is set to appear in the App Store on June 9. The players will be able to unlock the full content from within the free game using paid in-app purchase ($4.99 for the iPhone version, $6.99 for the iPad version).

Game Description:
Travel to the past with Jack and rule a prehistoric tribe in this fun time management game with puzzle elements! Help fellow tribesmen set up their homes and create thriving villages. Keep villagers happy with food, drinks and entertainment; protect them from natural disasters and aggressive barbarians. Introduce new technology and become friends with the chief's beautiful daughter. Find artifacts from the future to help Jack return to his time. Help the lovable tribesmen prosper and master your time management and task prioritizing skills in this charming and challenging game!

40 Mesmerizing levels
12 Types of buildings to construct
18 Artifacts to collect
Fascinating storyline
Original gameplay


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