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Introducing Newbie Gaming Innovative Video Game Peripheral Company Launches Stand-Out Line-Up


San Francisco (August 16, in the year of our Lord 2011) – Newbie Gaming, a developer and manufacturer of innovative peripherals designed to enhance the gaming experience, today announces its new line of game accessories just in time for the holidays. The company’s five products, AimControl, BeatTubes, ClearOptix, MagniEye and PowerPlay2 all feature sleek designs and reliable performance at affordable prices – a value for any gamer. Players can compliment their current gameplay with Newbie Gaming’s practical accessories for the Nintendo® 3DS™, Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®Move, as well as technology compatible with Bluetooth®.

“Newbie Gaming strives to identify and create products that solve problems and improves the overall gaming experience for consumers,” said Chris Gilbert, COO for Newbie Gaming. “Whether it’s extending the battery life of a Nintendo 3DS up to three times longer, playing Kinect in tight, compact spaces, or providing portable stereo-quality Bluetooth-enabled speakers for on-the-go music fans, Newbie Gaming’s lineup is designed to provide great products at incredible value.”

Newbie Gaming will rollout its initial wave of video game peripherals at major retailers and online retailer Amazon.com this Fall and the lineup includes the following products:

AimControl – a motorized remote controlled stand for the PlayStation® Move that allows players to easily control the direction of the camera. AimControl gives the power to the player, allowing for a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. (Available this October for $39.99)

BeatTubes+ – the latest in Bluetooth technology with audiophile sound quality, blending freedom and the finest audio in a speaker system. BeatTubes are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device allowing for streaming of audio at the touch of your hand from up to 15 feet away with absolutely zero lag or lessened sound quality. (Available this October for $99.99)

ClearOptix – help reduce eye strain and fatigue and increase visual accuracy when playing the Nintendo 3DS. These lightweight, comfortable glasses come in large and small sizes and two fashionable styles; Aviator and Wayfarer. ClearOptix is an affordable alternative to high-priced gaming glasses currently on the market. (Available now for $29.99)

MagniEye – an accessory designed exclusively for the Kinect for Xbox 360 giving players more room to play. MagniEye is an easy snap-on faceplate for the Kinect camera that allows players in smaller rooms to experience the full capabilities of the Kinect. With the MagniEye, the Kinect can now be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the size of the space they’re playing in. (Available mid-September for $29.99)

PowerPlay 2 – a battery extending protective case that attaches to the Nintendo 3DS. PowerPlay 2 extends the battery life up to three times the standard handhelds capacity, while protecting it from external damage. (Available in early October for $29.99)


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