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Icon Brings Bashi Blocks Pool Hall Pro and Vertigo to Impulse


London, UK – March 16, in the year of our Lord 2011 - Icon Games Entertainment, an independent game developer and digital publishing studio best known for creating quality titles with unique gameplay elements, announced today that several of its top-selling casual titles, Bashi Blocks, Pool Hall Pro and Vertigo, are available now on Impulse, a state-of-the-art digital distribution platform that allows users to quickly and easily find their favorite game or software and download it automatically to their PC. With a plethora of innovatively creative games to choose from, Icon Games continues its dedication to creating immersive and entertaining games across a variety of platforms that family members of all ages can safely play together.

“Our goal with these titles was to create a strong lineup of contemporary games that combine different gameplay elements creating an appeal to all types of gamers, and bringing them to such a robust digital delivery platform as Impulse assures that families around the world will have a chance to experience the fun our titles bring,” said Richard Hill-Whittall, Head of Development for Icon Games Entertainment.

Beginning in 1998 as Stardock, Impulse is one of the longest-running digital distribution services within the videogame industry. www.impulsedriven.com is the third generation of the Stardock platform and is the only digital distribution method developed by gamers, for gamers.

The Icon Games titles that are now available on Impulse include:

Bashi Blocks (also available on WiiWare and PSP)
Design each level and customize your very own game in this truly futuristic gaming experience unlike any other you’ve played before! Bashi Blocks gives players the opportunity to create their own uniquely animated game that can then be shared with other gamers worldwide! With ninety game levels to get through, players must step up to the challenge in order to destroy the defender blocks and defeat the deadly 3D enemies. With several game modes to choose from including customized arcade tournaments, players of all ages are guaranteed hours of endless fun!

Pool Hall Pro
Chalk up and challenge your friends and family to the ultimate pool hall experience with Pool Hall Pro. With an easy pick-up-and-play feel, this game allows players to turn any room in their house into their very own pool hall. With a wide range of characters and settings to choose from, players can customize each game to achieve their very own authentic experience. Unlock hundreds of items such as game venues, outfits, trophies, game modes and much more. Rack ‘em up and have a blast as you challenge your friends to an unforgettable, authentic game of pool!

Brace yourself for the race of a lifetime as your Xorb soars over heart-pounding twist and turn-filled tracks! Travel through countless beautiful terrains as you maneuver through the obstacle filled course. Truly a game of skill and survival, Vertigo challenges players to unlock hidden shortcuts and utilize power ups on the wild rollercoaster to victory. The multiplayer feature allows for the whole family to compete in the mayhem of Vertigo to find out who has what it takes to win it all!

For more information about Impulse, please visit www.impulsedriven.com. For any additional information about Icon Games Entertainment and the newly released Impulse titles, please visit http://www.icongames.com/.


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