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Hospital Havoc 2 Launches on iOS App Store Today

Walnut Creek, Calif. - August 11, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Bitwise Design today announced the launch of their medical time management game, Hospital Havoc 2, on the iOS App Store. Forget waiting tables and tending crops; Hospital Havoc 2 lets you save lives! Simple gameplay with endless replay: tap to diagnose, treat, cure and discharge a parade of patients, earn muffins for being efficient, upgrade your gear and repeat. Download the doctor sim for free now on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Bitwise will release an Android version of Hospital Havoc 2 later this year.

Should I play this game?
- You’ve always wanted to be called “doctor”
- You want to experiment on innocent hospital-goers
- You like clever humor, polished graphics and things that are fun
- You own an iOS device
- You borrowed the office iPad and never returned it (that counts too)

If any of these symptoms apply to you, take heed. Bitwise recommends proceeding directly to the App Store for a big fat dose of Hospital Havoc 2.

The funny and fast-paced iOS game lets players pose as a doctor to manage, manipulate, and medicate their patients and health centers. As players cure diseases and attend to embarrassing maladies, they gain access to the game’s petri dish of features, including swanky new office space, zany tools and machines through the in-game Quicki-Med Catalogue. The more players hone their medical skills, the more control they have over every aspect of their facilities, abilities and appearance.

“Everyone keeps asking how we’re going to make money. Seems a bit nosy, but whatever. I’ll tell you. Muffins,” said Ray Graham, Founder of Bitwise Design. "I refuse to tell you the secret ingredient, though."

Ray’s partner (and HH2 lead artist), Benjamin Chavigner elaborated: “Besides buying new stuff for your office and avatar, muffins -our in-game currency –let players customize the gameplay itself, with upgrades like extra queue slots, which streamline your rounds and better manage the good doctor’s time. Whether you earn them or buy them, muffins matter.”

Patient confidentiality? Forget about it! Players don’t have to keep their health hijinks secret in Hospital Havoc 2 – OpenFeint and GameCenter integration let you track and share leaderboard stats to compete, beat and gloat with friends.

Bitwise invites the world to come play doctor in Hospital Havoc 2 on the iOS App Store. It’s not covered by your health insurance, but it’s free. Download the game here.


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