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Her Interactive Launches Shadow Ranch Lite

What: The first chapter of Her Interactive’s popular Nancy Drew gamebook app is now available for free on the App store. Now book lovers and game players can get a taste of this new way to engage with everyone’s favorite teen detective in Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch Lite for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Shadow Ranch is the first of a new genre: the interactive gamebook app. Part game and part story, the app allows players to decide how a story unfolds as they play games and solve mysteries. The new Lite version features the first chapter which introduces Nancy Drew and sets in motion a seemingly unsolvable mystery at an Arizona ranch. Complete with sound effects, mini-games, rich graphics and more, this is much more than simply reading an e-book. Now you actually play the storyTM.

Availability: The Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch Lite App is available now for free. The full version is available for a limited time for $1.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) or $4.99 (HD version for iPad) on the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, at www.itunes.com/appstore.

Game Details: In the full version of Shadow Ranch, Nancy and best friends Bess and George travel to Arizona and the rustic Shadow Ranch where they discover that Shadow Ranch hides a sinister past. A recent rash of ghost sightings and a series of accidents are driving customers away. It's only a matter of time before the ranch closes its doors for good. Play the story to piece together the mysterious events and uncover the dark secret before it's too late. With all its game and mystery elements, Shadow Ranch can be read and played repeatedly to fully explore all the twists and turns.

Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch was developed by Riptide Games, a leading developer of games and apps for next-generation mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


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