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Have A Laugh Volumes 3 and 4 on DVD 6-14-2011


Volume 3 Synopsis: Set sail for the high seas of hilarity when Mickey, Goofy and Donald go a-whaling and wind up going overboard – literally! Bark with laughter as Pluto is dogged by a pesky gopher who’s making mincemeat of Minnie’s garden. Then, have a ball with Goofy as he hits the links and – BLAM! – his “relaxing” game of golf goes outrageously awry.

Fully restored and remastered, these amazing cartoons also feature a new “Re-MICKS” – a mash-up music video of crazy cartoon clips remixed to the hit song, “I Gotta Feeling” from the Black Eyed Peas. It’s a novel approach to uproarious classic comedy that’ll make you laugh out loud. Bursting at the seams with surprises, Have a Laugh – Volume 3 will tickle your funny bone till it hurts!

Volume 4 Synopsis: Have an outrageously g’day with Mickey and Pluto when their adventure Down Under goes way over the top, thanks to a wayward boomerang and a humongous ostrich.

Kick up your heels with Donald as his fireside hula dance “heats up” hilariously. Then, ride a tide of laughs with Goofy as he tries to catch a wave and – BLAM! – gets clobbered by his surfboard.

Fully restored and re-mastered, these incredible cartoons also feature a new “Re-MICKS” – a mash-up music video of crazy cartoon clips remixed to the hit song “Play My Music” from Camp Rock. It’s a bold, new approach to classic comedy that’ll make your spirits soar. Overflowing with fun and surprises, Have a Laugh – Volume 4 will paste a permanent smile on your face!

U.S. Release Date: June 14, 2011
(Direct Prebook: April 19, 2011 / Distributor Prebook: May 3, 2011)

Rating: TV-G

Feature Run Time: Volume 3: approximately 67 minutes / Volume 4: approximately 65 minutes

Release Format: DVD

Suggested Retail Price: 1-Disc DVD $19.99 U.S. / $24.99 Canada

Voice Talent: Walt Disney, Jimmy MacDonald, Wayne Allwine, Russi Taylor, Clarence Nash, Tony Anselmo, Pinto Colvig, Lee Millar Sr., Bill Farmer


Restored shorts (long-form) Mickey's Delayed Date & Edited shorts (short form The Whalers
With new music arrangements Chef Donald
And voice recordings)
How To Play Baseball
Pluto and the Gopher

BLAMS!s BLAM! #7- Golf
BLAM! #8- Cooking
BLAM! #9- Glider

Re-MICKS Dance Party
Song: I Gotta Feeling by
Black Eyed Peas


Restored shorts (long-form) Mickey Down Under & Edited shorts (short form Hawaiian Holiday With new music arrangements Trailer Horn And voice recordings) How to Swim
Pluto's Surprise Package

BLAMS!s BLAM! #10- Beach
BLAM! #11- Fox Hunt
BLAM#12- Hockey

Re-MICKS Song: Play My Music
From Camp Rock

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