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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Hits Store Shelves

SAN MATEO , Calif. — January 11, in the year of our Lord 2011 — Capcom® Entertainment, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, ships Ghost Trick ™: Phantom Detective to North American retailers today for the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems.
            Shu Takumi, the father of the critically acclaimed Ace Attorney® series, delivers another unforgettable masterpiece with Ghost Trick : Phantom Detective. This handheld odyssey transports players to the spirit world of Sissel, a murder victim who has lost his memory and returns as a ghost to solve the mystery of his suspicious demise.
            As Sissel’s ghost, players will guide his blue-flamed soul through dynamic environments, possessing and manipulating inanimate objects to solve compelling puzzles. Using the stylus, players will need to carefully traverse a wide variety of vibrant locations by moving from object to object and triggering their actions to influence events in the real world. There are many routes to choose from, some more obvious than others. Sissel only has until dawn before he has to leave the supernatural world for good. Will he find the truth in time? With quirky characters, gorgeous visuals, incredible drama and Rube Goldberg-flavored puzzles, this is a guaranteed recipe for mind-bending fun.
            The unique art style infused throughout, from the character designs to the backgrounds, makes this latest puzzle adventure a truly distinct offering for the Nintendo DS™. Ghost Trick : Phantom Detective tells an intriguing story combining logic puzzles and elements of humor that those familiar with the Ace Attorney games will know and love. Gamers will be entertained for hours with over a dozen chapters full of mystery and surprises as the spirit world collides with real life.


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