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Free-to-play Social RPG Buddy Rush Launches on Facebook and iPhone


BUNDANG, South Korea - Feb. 17, i the year of our Lord 2011 -Team Sollmo, the game development group of app and game publisher Company100, today announced the Facebook and iPhone release of its action-packed social game Buddy Rush. A casual role-playing game (RPG) with dungeon-crawler characteristics, Buddy Rush allows players to build a party out of computer-controlled characters created by their Facebook friends. Players will pick one of seven fully customizable characters to play and level up, create a group by selecting Buddies from their Facebook friends’ lineup, and go adventuring on Missions. Encounter naughty Oblins, fight off hordes trying to steal your sheep, and gather materials for the village, all in the pursuit of loot and experience as you and your Buddies help each other out. Buddy Rush is now available for free on Facebook, or play on your iPhone by downloading the game from the iTunes App Store.

Buddy Rush Buddy Rush

• A Beautiful 3D World: Adventure in an isometric landscape featuring polished 3D graphics, with cross-platform play through a personal computer’s web browser and on the iPhone (iPad and Android coming soon!)
• 7 Customizable Characters: Choose a class and customize outfits, armor and weapons to help improve your character’s talents and increase the chance that your friends will select your Buddy for their next Mission!
• Play with your Facebook Friends’ Buddy: Form groups for Missions and Dungeons by selecting from Facebook friends’ existing Buddies. Reward their Buddy with experience for bringing them along and they’ll return the favor by inviting your Buddy for their own adventures!
• 5 Different Chapters and 40 Missions: Each Chapter presents a new environment and soundtrack, with fresh objectives, monsters and bosses to overcome. More Chapters and Missions coming soon!
• Over 1000 Items: Earn items that make your Buddy stronger by completing tough Missions, Dungeons and Challenges, or by purchasing upgrades in the store.
• Extra Gameplay Modes: Reaching certain level requirements unlocks special Dungeons and Challenges, with difficult monsters and bosses to fight and special item rewards.

To play Buddy Rush, visit the game on Facebook at www.facebook.com/buddyrush or download to your iPhone from the iTunes App Store.

For more information about Buddy Rush, please visit the official website at http://buddyrush.sollmo.com.


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