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Family Friendly Gaming Two Million Strong


Cordova, Tennessee, August 21, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Family Friendly Gaming is proud to announce that over two million unique IP addresses have accessed the website. Family Friendly Gaming continues to grow at an enormous rate. The Voice of the Family in Gaming has resonated with millions of places all over the globe. Reaching this major milestone is a testament to how families want a clean, and safe site for them that covers video games. Family Friendly Gaming also covers DVDs, Blu-rays, and apps - helping families decide which products are right for them. This is also an outreach ministry to gamers.

"We are so blessed with such major and amazing support," Editor in Chief (and co-founder) Paul Bury chimed in. "We knew we were doing the right thing when we started Family Friendly Gaming back in March of 2005. It has been a lot of hard work, but we have enjoyed every single minute of it. Thank you to every one of our wonderful readers who are the machine behind our tremendous success. A big thank you to every advertiser, publisher, developer, and PR firm that has worked with us."

"What I want to know is how many people are at each IP address?" Art Director (and co-founder) Yolanda Bury queried. "If there are four people at each IP then our audience is eight million. I want to thank each and every reader out there who has made Family Friendly Gaming a massive success, ya'll are awesome. We will continue to do our best to provide the best coverage of video games, apps, and movies for families."

The future continues to look bright for Family Friendly Gaming. The founders have numerous ideas to improve the website and the magazine. The massive growth continues at an unriveled rate. Family Friendly Gaming continues to promise to help families in their purchase making decisions. Keep it here as this site continues reach additional millions. This light shines on the hill for all to see.


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