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Dynamic Use of Music in Upcoming Iphone Game Creates More Emotional Experience


Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse will be released for iphone this spring/summer. The developers, Honey Tribe Studios, have created a dynamic soundtrack that creates an emotional experience which is often lacking from mobile games.

Tired of mobile games that have linear loops running quietly in the background, sound designer Shaz Yousaf wanted to create something that had more emotional impact on the player while complimenting the hand drawn world the game depicts. He writes on the studio blog “Just because an iphone game is supposed to be quick and simple to play, it doesn't mean it can't have a well thought out soundtrack that does something interesting”.

The music in Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse is event based. Each element of the game has its own theme or sound. The different sonic elements then combine in different ways depending on the events of the game.

Yousaf has previously made music for theatre and TV so creating musical themes that signify characters and moods is quite natural to him. Applying this in a dynamic way to an interactive game took some trial and error. The end result has added an element of depth that the makers think add to the game's replay value.

The studio believe that the only real way to stand out in a crowded app store is to create something of great quality that provides an engaging experience. Although this is their debut app they believe it will be the first step of creating a series of innovative and enjoyable experiences that iphone users will be able to connect with emotionally.

The exact release date is to be confirmed but emails will be sent to announce the release of the game to anyone on the studio's mailing list.


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