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Dust Those Bunnies Releasing August 25th


Since the beginning of time, man’s worst enemy has plagued households around the world. The Dust Bunny! These dastardly creatures are extremely dangerous in large numbers and have been known to spread like wildfire. Armed with a broom and dust pan, only you can save the world from this torment.

Unleash your wrath on the dust bunnies, in this black & white film reel style game, by sweeping them away for good. With two modes, ‘Wage War’ and ‘Commando’, you can choose your method of attack. In ‘Wage War’, you have a full arsenal at your disposal including weapons like microfiber cloths and dust vacs. If you’re feeling groovy, you could throw a disco party to lure the enemy closer. But watch out for bunny bombs. They will destroy your dust pan if you give them the chance. In ‘Commando’, it’s just you and a broom.

Dust Those Bunnies! Features
★ Addictive and simple one-touch gameplay
★ Classic black and white film style
★ 2 game modes to choose from
★ Game Center leaderboards
★ Tons of unlockables to supply your armory
★ 12 available medals
★ Hours of addictive fun, great for the whole family

Both the iPhone and iPad games will have an introductory price of only $.99

Release date is August 25, 2011.

The Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxVT7CvmadE

The Website: http://www.dust-those-bunnies.com


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