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Deskplores Egypt - NOW available on iPhone

Happy Blue Fish and BulkyPix are proud to announce the release today of the new episode of the Deskplorers saga. To commemorate this release, the new release will be available for download at half price. Between May 19th and 23rd, Deskplorers Egypt is available for $0.99 on iPhone and 1,99$ on iPad.

Welcome in the land of pyramids
Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot, the "nice ones", and Bratty, Moody and Brutus, the "not so nice ones", will now explore the mysteries of the ancient Egypt. During their adventure, our heroes will have to navigate the Nile during a great storm or go deep into the great pyramids. Kids will experience and explore a wonderful story and joyfully discover the culture and daily life at the time of pharaohs.

New features in Deskplorers
With The Deskplorers Egypt, Happy Blue Fish offers a game as polished as the previous episodes. Also, this new episode features a new mini game to enhance game experience further.

In this new mini-game Spoon, our starving hero must catch the food thrown by the "not so nice ones" to help Spoon consume a healthy meal. Kids must choose between various food items thrown by the "not so nice ones" to Spoon: vegetables, fruits, and a bit of proteins and must be cautious not to overfeed him with things that are not good for him, like sugars.

Kids will also be taken on new adventures with new objectives, they will find new objects to catalogue and will be able to unlock numerous bonuses.

Last but not least, kids will now also receive medals for their accomplishments.

Original desk-like graphic style
A new fun way of learning and thinking for kids
Mine-games fully designed to the iPad/iPhone functionalities
Parents ability to optimize the game experience for kids
Brand new features for this episode

Visit the official website www.the-deskplorers.com.

iPhone : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/deskplorers-egyptians-episode/id434806990?mt=8

iPad : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/deskplorers-egyptians-episode/id434807298?mt=8

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