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Crawfish Games Releases First Two Games for Apple iOS


BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 28, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Crawfish Games announced today the release of its first two games for Apple iOS. Cutesy is now available for free download in the App store. Creepsy will be available on October 5. Subsequent releases on the Android Marketplace are planed, and online versions for Mac and PC are due for release soon.

Cutesy: Quest of the Unicorn tells the story of a Unicorn's magical journey in search of love and acceptance. Creepsy: Monsters Never Have Enough! follows a monster who, thinking that he isn't creepy enough, goes on an adventure to become even creepier. On the way, he meets a variety of other monsters who all help him down his path to accepting his own creepiness.

Each game features many levels of fun-filled puzzle adventures. Users will also be able to play to win prizes, including stickers and medallions to decorate photos and share them with friends via email or Facebook. Both games are designed for players ages five and older, and can be played in story mode, which is timed, or puzzle mode.

Crawfish Games is a specialty studio in Louisiana, focusing on mobile, casual and online games. Cutesy and Creepsy are two of several games they have planned for release over the next few months. The studio's parent company, Firebrand Games, is an established industry leader in creating racing games for Nintendo systems. Firebrand has several highly acclaimed titles to their credit, including Cars 2, Need for Speed, Grid, Race Driver, Dirt as well as all console versions of Trackmania. In 2011, Firebrand's clients will be releasing their first products on Nintendo 3DS, PS3 the Xbox 360.

Founded by industry veteran Mark Greenshields in 2011, Crawfish Games is the third studio in the Firebrand family. Other studio locations include Glasgow, Scotland, UK and Merritt Island, Florida. For more information on Crawfish Games, visit crawfishgames.com.


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