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Cooking Mama Franchise Moves to Facebook

The world-renowned, best-selling Cooking Mama franchise is back, and this time players can cook with their friends online in COOKING MAMA FRIENDS’ CAFÉ for Facebook! This free-to-play social game produced by Majesco Entertainment and developed by Arkadium is an all new experience that lets players chop, mix, stir, fry, bake and pour to create more than 40 recipes with infinite menu combinations.

COOKING MAMA FRIENDS’ CAFÉ features the same accessible, recipe-based mini-game formula that has made the Mama franchise so popular. On the Facebook Platform, that mechanic is combined with new menu and customer management within an economy driven restaurant. Players first buy ingredients, then chop, mix, pour and bake with their mouse to create delectable dishes like holiday ham, fried rice and chicken parm. Coins and XP points are awarded to chefs for creating tasty food and serving up dishes to customers.  Players can also purchase special ingredients and decorations to customize kitchens with virtual and real dollars. Ultimately, players must return regularly and cook to maintain the business or risk their restaurant shutting down for good.

The game marks Majesco’s first entry into social gaming as they announce a targeted, strategic focus into the digital entertainment space.

COOKING MAMA FRIENDS’ CAFÉ is free to play at http://facebook.com/cookingmamacafe.

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